New X-TRACK processing products

03/2016: A new release of X-TRACK products is available: check out the latest improvements.
New X-TRACK processing products

World map of X-TRACK polygons (from 2016)

We are please to announce the release of the new X-TRACK processing products. The main highlights of this release are:
  • New definition of the regional polygons, improving the coverage of the coastal areas (see map and table below)
  • Extension of JASON-2 time series, up to july 2015
  • New data editing rules that reduce the RMS of the SLA near the coast and improve the correlation with tide gauges

We hope this new product provides better insights for your applications. You are welcome to give us your feedback by sending a message using the contact form.
A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is now attached to X-TRACK products; please use it when referring to it in publications: 10.6096/CTOH_X-TRACK_2015_01.
Note also that X-TRACK web pages are being updated gradually, in particular as regards the new regions definition.
Best regards,
The CTOH team.
World map of X-TRACK regional polygons (from 2016)

short name long name
adelie Adelie-Mertz
amazon Amazon 
asa  Atlantic South America 
chinasea  China Sea
drake  Drake passage 
eaustralia  East Australia
gom  Gulf of Mexico - Caribbean Sea
gulfstream  Gulf Stream
hudson  Hudson Bay
humboldt  Humboldt current
kerguelen  Kerguelen Islands 
labrador  Labrador Sea 
medsea  Mediterranean Sea 
nea  North East Atlantic 
nindian  North Indian Ocean 
norway  Norway 
nwa  North West America 
nwp  North West Pacific 
sea  South and East Africa 
wafrica  West Africa
waustralia  West Australia
wla  West Latin America - California 
wtp  West Tropical Pacific

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