Ice validation for Antarctic and Greenland continents. We investigate the stability and reliability of different corrections for the altimetric measurements. Currently, a validation chain is already developed specifically to the cryosphere (ICE validation). The products of that validation are available cycle by cycle.
Principle of the Ice Validation
Here we show the processing chain that has been developed at LEGOS and which we use to qualify the ENVISAT and ERS data. We show the steps of the validation process, the results on various parameters, like height, but also backscatter, leading edge and trailing edge of the waveforms. The validation process allows us to deliver reports, but also a validation table which is available on our website as well as other meta product.
ENVISAT re-processing release v2.1
The validation of the latest reprocessing (v2.1) of ENVISAT data over the cryosphere for the period from June 2002 (Cycle 6) up to october 2010 (Cycle 94). This dataset cover the period until the orbit change in October 2010.
ERS-1 and ERS-2
The CTOH is engaged in reprocessing project for these missions ERS-1 and ERS-2. The quality assessment of the data of this reprocessing will done following.

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