ESA CCI Coastal Sea Level Product v1.0

Product created by the CCI Bridging Phase consortium of which CTOH is part of.

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DOI - 10.5270/esa-sl_cci-xtrack_ales_sla-200201_201610-v1.0-201910

Data Set Long Name - The regional XTRACK/ALES altimeter along-track (L2P) high frequency sea level anomalies. 

Version Number - 1.0 2019/10

Data Set Description - A database of different datasets corresponding to some coastal areas of the ocean. The v1.0 datasets cover the period 2002-2016 in the Western Africa, Mediterranean Sea and North East Atlantic Ocean.

Data Access -

Data Citation - 

Birol F., N. Fuller, F. Lyard, M. Cancet, F. Niño, C. Delebecque, S. Fleury, F. Toublanc, A. Melet and M. Saraceno, F. Leger, 2017. Coastal applications from nadir altimetry: example of the X-TRACK regional products. Advances in Space Research,

Passaro, M., A., N., Zulfikar, 2018. Improving the precision of sea level data from satellite altimetry with high-frequency and regional sea state bias corrections, Remote Sensing of Environment, 218, 245-254,






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