Water level monitoring in the Ogooué river basin

DOI - 10.6096/CTOH_VS_OGOOUE_2018_01

Data Set Long Name - Water level monitoring and river discharge using radar altimetry in the Ogooué river basin

Version Number - 01

Data Set Description - Virtual Station (VS)

Data Access -This dataset will be soon available on Hydroweb (http://hydroweb.theia-land.fr/). Before, you can contact Sakaros Bogning (sakaros.bogning@legos.obs-mip.fr) and Frédéric Frappart (frederic.frappart@legos.obs-mip.fr).

Data Citation - Sakaros Bogning et al "Monitoring water levels and discharges using radar altimetry in an ungauged river basin: the case of the Ogooué" remonte sensing, 2018


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