Global climatology of near-inertial current characteristics

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Temporal resolution: Annual and Seasonal (averaged over JFM-AMJ-JAS-OND)

Spatial resolution: 2°×2°

Longitude range: 180W-180E

Latitude range: 65S-65N

Units: cm s-1 for velocity, km for radius, J m-2 for kinetic energy

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CTOH Global Climatology of near-inertial current characteristics data use policy


The CTOH (Centre de Topographie des Océans et de l'Hydrosphère) is a French National Observation Service, supported by INSU (Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers). Its role is to assist scientific users and the different space agencies in the development of new altimetric applications. To this end, the CTOH provides access to their frequently updated altimetric data bases, including Topex-Poseidon, Jason-1, Jason-2, GFO, and ENVISAT data, with improved corrections, and to the altimetric products developed by the CTOH.

CTOH products are provided free of charge under the condition that they are exclusively used for scientific studies and experiments. This implies that:

    - Copying the CTOH Products for use by third parties is strictly forbidden.
    - Granting access to the CTOH Products for use by third parties is strictly forbidden.
    - Commercial use of the CTOH products, or products directly derived from them, is strictly forbidden.

The Global climatology of near-inertial current characteristics product will evolve over time.  We also ask that the users communicate to us any problems they find with the data products.

Finally, the data and products are for research purposes. The CTOH cannot be held for responsible for the scientific utilisation of the data.

This dataset can be used freely for any scientific applications provided that one or more of the papers listed below are cited (please choose the most relevant in respect to your application) and  CTOH is acknowledged.

References to cite when using this product

More information about this product and its scientific application can be found in:

Chaigneau, A., O. Pizarro, and W. Rojas (2008), Global climatology of near-inertial current characteristics from Lagrangian observations, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L13603, doi:10.1029/2008GL034060.

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