Cryosat-2 data

Cryosat-2 data

The CTOH distributes a new NetCDF-format version of ESA’s L2 Baseline C Cryosat-2 product.


The data are structured in a format very similar to the Jason-2 GDR-D products:


            - 1 file per track, including all altimeter modes (LRM, SAR and SARIN)

            - the filename includes the cycle, sub-cycle, track and sub-track numbers

            - every variable is documented with units and comments

            - length units are consistently in meters

            - longitude, latitude and time are directly available at 1hz and 20hz

            - duplicates or data with time incoherencies have been removed


Some parameters and geophysical corrections of have been added 

(geoid, DEM, distance to coast, mean sea surface, 


Data is available through this request form

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