binary / netcdf correspondances

Correspondances between binary and netcdf parameter database

Correspondances between binary and netcdf (GDR-C) parameter's names for Jason1


Most of the parameters have the same name on both format, but few of them listed on the table bellow.

Warning: for Jason1-N  (ie, jason1 on its New orbit, from cycle 262) , the syntax is the same as for Jason2 or for binary format.


binary (or GDR-T netcdf) format GDR-C netcdf format
atmos_corr_sig0_c atmos_sig0_corr_c
atmos_corr_sig0_ku atmos_sig0_corr_ku
mean_sea_surface mss
mss_cls_01 mss
net_instr_corr_sig0_c net_instr_sig0_corr_c
net_instr_corr_sig0_ku net_instr_sig0_corr_ku
range_used_20hz_c range_used_for_20hz_c
range_used_20hz_ku range_used_for_20hz_ku
sig0_used_20hz_c sig0_used_for_20hz_c
sig0_used_20hz_ku sig0_used_for_20hz_ku
swh_used_20hz_c swh_used_for_20hz_c
swh_used_20hz_ku swh_used_for_20hz_ku
latitude (binary only) lat
longitude (binary only) lon


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