GFO Parameters in binary format

Available data at CTOH are GDR data, distribued by NOAA, plus up-to-date corrections.


  • GDR data in dark blue
  • Corrections added by the CTOH in light blue

Header Parameters

Parameter name Unity
cycle cycle
track track
nbr_point number of points in this track

Record description

Parameter name Description and Unity
time_sec seconds within day (sec) since 01/01/1985
time_continued_microsec microseconds within sec (microsec)
jour (sec)= time_sec + time_continued_microsec / 10E6
latitude latitude (10-6 deg)
longitude longitude (10-6 deg)
ssh_uncorr ssh uncorrected (10-3 m)
ssh_corr ssh corrected (10-3 m)
altitude altitude of satellite (10-3 m)
ssh_uncorr_diff[10] differences between 10hHz and 1Hz values (10-3 m)
nval_ssh_uncorr number of values used in calcul of 1Hz ssh uncorr (n/a)
altitude_diff[10] differences between 10hHz and 1Hz values (10-3 m)
model_dry_tropo_corr model dry tropo corr NCEP (10-3 m)
model_wet_tropo_corr_mwr model wet tropo corr MWR (10-3 m)
model_wet_tropo_corr_ncep model wet tropo corr NCEP (10-3 m)
wet_tropo_cls wet tropo NCEP/terre (CLS) (10-3m)
model_iono_corr model iono corr GIM (10-3 m)
gim_ku model iono corr GIM B. Legresy (10-3 m)
model_inverse_baro model inverse barometer corr NCEP (10-3 m)
ib_MOG2D inverted barometer MOG2D (10-5m)
ib_ECMWF inverted barometer ECMWF(10-5m)
ocean_tide geocentric ocean tide height GOT00.02 (10-3 m)
ocean_tide_FES_04 Maree (a partir de FES 2004) (10-3 m)
ocean_tide_l_GOT00 correction de maree GOT00 issu du lab (10-3m)
load_tide load tide hght for geocentric ocean tide GOT00.02 (10-3 m)
solid_earth_tide solid earth tide height (10-3m)
pole_tide geocentric pole tide height(10-3 m)
sea_state_bias sea state bias corr 4.5%of SWH (10-3 m)
ssb_cls Sea state Bias (CLS / S. Labroue) (10-3m)
mss1 mean sea surface height GSFC00.1 (10-3 m)
mss2 mean sea surface height OSUMS95 (10-3 m)
mss_cls_01 mean sea surface height CLS 01 (10-3 m)
water_depth ocean depth/land elevation (m)
geoid geoid height (10-3 m)
geoid_grace geoid height GRACE (10-3 m)
swh significant wave height (10-2 m)
swh_high_rate[10] swh_high_rate (10-2 m)
nval_swh number of values used in calcul of 1Hz swh (n/a)
sig0 backscatter coefficient (10-2 dB)
wind_speed wind speed calculated from sigma0 (10-2 m.sec-1)
agc AGC 1hz (10-2 dB)
ssh_uncorr_std std of ssh uncorrected (10-3 m)
swh_std std of swh (10-2 m)
agc_std std of agc (10-2 dB)
hgt_net_corr net height correction (10-3 m)
swh_net_corr net swh correction (10-2 m)
agc_net_corr net agc correction (10-2 dB)
one_hz_time_deviation 1Hz time tag deviation (10-15 sec)
time_shift_midframe time shift mid frame (10-6 sec)
attitude_squared attitude squared (10-4 deg2)
noaa_flags Noaa flags
nval_agc number of values used in calcul of 1Hz agc (n/a)
tb_22 22 GHz brightness temp (10-2 deg K)
tb_37 37 GHz brightness temp (10-2 deg K)
ra_status_mode1 RA status mode 1
ra_status_mode2 RA status mode 2
receiver_temp receiver temperature (10-2 deg C)
quality_word1 RA quality test results from SDR
quality_word2 WVR quality test results from SDR
average_vatt average VATT (10-6 V)
fitted_vatt fitted VATT (10-6 V)


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