GDR online data

This form allows you to request a GDR extraction from CTOH database.

Other data also available on request.

When you've selected your chosen satellite mission, parameters, region and period, click on . You will then be able to preview results and request a GDR extraction.

Per-satellite parameters

Prior to selecting any parameter, you need to select a satellite to request data from.

Envisat2Envisat reprocessing v2.1 (phase A, cycles 6 to 94)
EnvisatNEnvisat processing v2.0 (phase B, cycles from 95)
Jason1Jason1 processing version C (phase A, cycles 1 to 259)
Jason1NJason1 processing version C (phase B, cycles from 262)
Jason2dJason2 reprocessing version D (cycles from 1)
Region of Interest
You can select a region by pressing Shift key and dragging a rectangle.
Alternatively, you can specify a region by its South-West and North-East corners in these fields.
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