Fine resolution SSS and SST maps in the region south of Tasmania

Fine resolution SSS and SST based on low-resolution in-situ maps stirred by altimetry.

SSS advected field SST advected field


SST (left) and SSS (rigth) advected fields for the 1st January 2004 constructed from low-resolution tracer fields with -13 days of lateral stirring by altimetry.

Brief Description

Lateral advection from altimetry allows us to re-produce small scales tracer patterns at the ocean surface, starting from larger temporal and spatial scale tracer observations.


We advect the tracer particles using weekly or daily global 1/3 degree gridded fields of surface geostrophic velocities calculated from sea surface height (SSH) fields distributed by Aviso over the period 2002-2012.


Using these lagrangian 'advected' fields, we stir large-scale surface tracer fields (from the the CORIOLIS data center) enabling us to derive higher-resolution surface data.


Dataset: Sea Surface Salinity and Sea Surface Temperature maps

Temporal resolution: daily

Spatial resolution:0,04°*0,04°

Longitude range:132E -152E

Latitude range:58S-43S

Units: psu for salinity, degrees Celcius for temperature


Future study areas:

Zone 1:

Longitude range:140E -180E

Latitude range:10S-10N

Zone 2:

Longitude range:140E -220E

Latitude range:30S-10S

Zone 3:

Longitude range:240E -280E

Latitude range:10S-10N



Obtaining data

 To obtain the data, please send a query using the contact form.



More information about this product and its scientific application can be found in:


Dencausse, Morrow, et al. Lateral Stirring of large-scale tracer fields by altimetry (submitted to Ocean Dynamics).




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