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Along-Track Product Format Data Access Coverage Timespan 
Cryosat-2 Baseline C NetCDF Form Global  2010/10/01-now
ERS-2 continental surfaces NetCDF Form Global  1995/05/17-2003/07/02
Envisat NetCDF Online Global  2002/05/14-2010/10/21
Envisat new orbit  NetCDF  Online Global   2010/10/26-2012/04/08
GFO Binary Form Global  2000/01/08-2008/09/08
Jason-1 NetCDF Online Global  2002/01/15-2009/01/26
Jason-1 new orbit NetCDF Online Global  2009/02/10-2012/03/03
Jason-2 NetCDF Online Global  2008/07/04-now
Jason-3 NetCDF soon
Global  2016/02/12-now
Saral/AltiKa NetCDF
Global  2013/03/14-now
Topex/Poseidon CASH NetCDF Form Global  1992/12/21-2002/06/22
 GPD+ Wet Tropo (all missions) NetCDF Aviso+ Global   1991/9/1-2016/12
Product Format Data Access Coverage Timespan
Coastal X-TRACK sea-level timeseries NetCDF Aviso+ Coastal zones  
Coastal X-TRACK tide constituents  NetCDF Aviso+ Coastal zones  
Climatology of near-inertial currents NetCDF Form  Global  1999/07-2006/12
FSLE submesoscale filaments NetCDF Form    
Fine resolution SSS and SST maps NetCDF
South of Tasmania  
Sea Ice Products NetCDF Form Arctic  2002-2017
Southern Ocean Polar Fronts NetCDF Form Southern Ocean 1992/10/14-2013/04/19

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