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Science publications on mesoscale processes
File Review article : 15 years of ocean mesoscale observations from altimetry
File Science : Observed southern Ocean sea level rise and subsurface warming
We examine the causes of the observed sea level rise in the region south of Australia, using 13 years of repeat hydrographic data from the WOCE-SR3 sections, and the SURVOSTRAL XBT and surface salinity data. Reference : Morrow, R., Valladeau, G., and Sallee, J. (2008). Observed subsurface signature of Southern Ocean decadal sea level rise. Prog. Oceanogr. Vol 77/4 pp 351-366.
File Science : Response of Antarctic Circumpolar Current Fronts to climate mode variabilility
Thirteen years of altimetric sea level anomaly data are added to a new climatological mean sea level product to reconstruct the time variable sea level. This new dataset is analyzed to identify and monitor the position of the two main fronts (SAF, PF) of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) during the period 1993–2005. Reference : Sallée, J.B. ; Morrow, R. and Speer, K, 2008. Response of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to atmospheric variability, J. Climate, Vol. 21, 3020–3039.

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