AlTiS - Altimetric Time Series Software

AlTiS: software for processing altimetry data on lakes, rivers and flood zones to calculate water time series.

AlTiS replaces MAPS Software since September 2020.
AlTiS is software developed by CTOH as part of its activities as a National Observation Service. Altis is free software and it is released as open source under the CeCill License, and is available for download free of charge. Altis is working under python3 environment (Anaconda distribution) and tested for GNU/Linux, Windows 10 (and soon for Mac OS X).
The AlTiS 1.4 (2020/11) has now identifier IDDN.FR.010.0121234.000.R.X.2020.041.30000  IDDN Certification

AlTiS software is developed for:
  • Research : Analysis tool allowing altimetry data studies over small area like rivers, lakes, flood areas in order to create water time series.
  • Training : Education tools to manipulate radar altimetry data and evaluate their potential to monitor water bodies.


Download AlTiS

AlTiS software is supplied as you make a data request. In order to request data just fill this form.

Altimetric data working under AlTiS Software

AlTiS accepts CTOH altimetry products (Level 2 GDR supplied by the CTOH). CTOH GDR data are specifically conditioned for optimized the data size by making a geographical selection and includes the right altimetry parameters for hydrological studies.

Altimetric data request

For the altimetry data access,  just fill the request form.
The products are available for the altimetry missions below :
Version / Product reference
ERS-2 1 - 89
 1995/05/17 to 2003/11/24 CTOH product
ENVISAT 6 - 94  2002/05/14 to 2010/10/21 Reprocessing v2.1
ENVISAT 6 - 94  2002/05/14 to 2010/10/21 Reprocessing ESA v3.0
SARAL 1 - 35
 2013/03/14 to 2016/07/04 GDR t
Jason-1 1 - 259
 2002/01/15 to 2009/01/26 GDR E
Jason-2 0 - 303
 2008/07/04 to 2016/10/02 GDR D
Jason-3 0 - 
 2016/02/12 to present GDR D
Sentinel-3A 5 - 
 2016/06/15 to present LAND IPF-06.10, IPF-06.14
Sentinel-3B 20 -
 2018/08/15 to present LAND IPF-06.10, IPF-06.14
The products are updated for ongoing altimetry missions.

AlTiS documentation

Time series

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