McKenzie Delta

Surface water extent, level, and storage were estimated in the McKenzie Delta, Canadian Northern Territories using multi-sensor satellite observations.


Surface water extent were estimated from 2000 to 2015 using MODIS Terra reflectances (8-day mosaic) at 500 m of spatial resolutions based on the Sakamoto et al. (2007) approach. Water levels were estimated using radar altimetry data from ERS-2 (1995-2003), ENVISAT (2003-2010) and SARAL (2013-2016). 22, 27 and 24 virtual stations were built under the ground-tracks of these missions on their nominal orbit using the Multi-mission Altimetry Processing Software (MAPS) (Frappart et al., 2015). Monthly surface water storage changes were obtained combining the two former datasets following the approach proposed in Frappart et al. (2006; 2012) on the common period of availability of the datasets.


 McKenzie Delta

Figure 1. Water level maps in the Mackenzie Delta in 2006 (historic flood) obtained by combining inundated surfaces determined using MODIS images with altimetry-derived water levels (a) in June and (b) in July.



Dataset doi - 10.6096/CTOH_EPOC_HYDRO_SURF_McKenzie_2018_01

Normandin C., Frappart F., Lubac B., Bélanger S., Marieu V., Blarel F., Robinet A., Guiastrennec-Fauga L. (sous presse). Quantification of surface water volume changes in the Mackenzie Delta using satellite multi-mission data. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, doi:10.5194/hess-2017-170.

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Data access:

These datasets will be soon available on Hydroweb ( Before, you can contact Cassandra Normandin ( and Frédéric Frappart (

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